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Welcome to the Phuket Real Estates Portal.
I started this site to help compare Phuket real estates, so that buyers’, residents and landlords can make themselves an independent picture of how the real estates are beyond the facade of advertising.

What sparked my project was the accident at Chao Fah Garden Home 3, pictured on this page. How?
While jogging in our "gated community" I was always amazed of the traffic that I have to be aware of when running through the compound. So I came along at the site of the accident and other residents assured me of the following: "Don’t worry, no one is hurt badly. And besides, both, the driver of the vehicle that hit the motorcycle and the motorcyclist himself, are not from here anyway. They are simply trespassers."  So how can that happen in a gated community?
You will see by browsing through this portal....

Acident in Chao Fah Garden Home
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